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Cameron Palin

Osborne ward (County and Town Council)

Cllr Cameron Palin, East Cowes


Cameron has lived in East Cowes for most of his life, where he has worked on many local issues and as a volunteer in the community. He has helped lead numerous campaigns including: Demanding a new Floating bridge, a completion to Saunders Way link road, Save the Umbrella Tree and, fighting Against the Crossways Development.

Over the last 6 months Cameron has been working-hard as a Councillor on the East Cowes Town Council where he has already achieved many successes for the town. He has put forward many new ideas including an outdoor gym, a new recycling scheme, a water bottle refill site, and to keep challenging the Isle of Wight Council over the Floating bridge as well as much more. These successes have shown what is possible when we have a Green in the room!

"This Conservative Council has had 4 years to address issues with floating bridge 6 and to complete Saunders Way but he has failed to do so. I am proud to stand to be the next councillor for Osborne as it is such a diverse ward with so much potential! I believe I can be the much need youthful, green and independent voice who will stand up for Osborne in County Hall and truly tackle the issues that need addressing."


Phone : 07465 435599

Twitter: @CameronPalin

Facebook: Cameron4Osborne

Daniel James

Freshwater North and Yarmouth (County and Freshwater Parish Council)


Cllr Daniel James has lived in Freshwater for 21 years, having married into a local family. He was elected as a Green Party parish councillor in 2017 and is currently vice-chair of Freshwater Parish Council. 

Daniel narrowly missed being elected as the County Councillor for Freshwater North in 2017, receiving 43% of the vote, which was the second highest vote for a Green in that election on the Island. In 2021 he is standing against just one other candidate in the new Freshwater North and Yarmouth ward.

His proudest moment as a local councillor was taking part in the community campaign to retain a primary school in the West Wight's largest village. Daniel has also campaigned to improve beach safety at Colwell Bay, and helped save a World War II lookout tower overlooking Fort Albert from demolition.

Daniel's priorities if elected as a County Councillor will include addressing the lack of well-paid, year-round employment in the West Wight which has driven many families out of the area, and meeting local housing need with new solutions that respect our green fields and countryside.

Claire Critchison

Chale, Niton and Shorwell (County and Niton Parish Council)

Claire Critchison (nee Whittington) is a 6th generation descendant of this ward, having lived in Chale and Niton all of her life and have brought her family up in the two villages. She is passionate about the South Wight of the Island and volunteers for a range of local clubs, projects, charities and community groups including being a Girlguiding Leader of the 1st Niton Rainbows and Brownies and Chair of the fundraising committee for Niton Primary School (FONS).

From being a community champion and speaking up for local issues Claire enjoys being part of Island life and if elected she would represent residents to get the best outcomes for all. She works well with others regardless of their political alliances and would not be influenced when making decisions or voting on Island issues.

Claire's career in Event Management for over 15 years with the Isle of Wight Council, then working for Island companies and more recently running her own hospitality business ensures that she has the experience, skills and ability to challenge others and ensure vital services and facilities which are a priority for the ward areas.

Claire was selected by the Isle of Wight Green Party in both 2017 and 2021 as the best person to represent the party for Chale, Niton & Shorwell. Residents should have confidence that she would be a great choice to represent this rural community at County Hall. Claire would be a strong voice on tourism, education, infrastructure, planning and prosperity of our Island.

This election will be a two horse race between Claire and the Conservative candidate, as no other candidate will be on the ballot. A vote for Claire Critchison is a vote for a strong, independent voice free to speak up for Chale, Niton & Shorwell. A vote for anyone else means a return to the same old Conservative complacency and our community not being heard.

Joe Lever

Carisbrooke and Gunville  (County council)

Joe is a father, digital designer, and has been a councillor on Newport & Carisbrooke Community Council for the last 2 years. As a father, Joe knows how vital local services are for families and how important safe, green spaces are for people’s wellbeing. As a designer, Joe has experience of finding creative solutions to problems and understands that empathising with people is key. Having been a councillor, Joe already has experience working hard for people in his local community and is now ready to continue that hard work in County Hall.


Twitter: @JoeLever89


Julia Laursen

Central Rural (County Council)

Julia has lived in Chillerton for the last 16 years, after returning from Germany to bring her children into the UK school system and care for her parents in the family home. The latter has given her a good understanding of the issues with care and the amount of (or lack of) support available to Islanders and their families. Julia is passionate about helping those who are struggling in our society and facing the many challenges that old age or poverty brings.

Although Julia is new to the prospect of becoming a member of the IW Council, as a certified NLP ( Neuro-Linguistic Programming) coach, trainer and therapist she is a good listener, mediator and able to see things from different perspectives. Julia is a strong candidate to represent the people in this ward and give them a voice whilst working alongside other members of the council, regardless of their political allegiance.

Julia is determined to help in any way to keep Chillerton & Rookley school open and to support its growth.

She is also determined to prevent oil drilling or fracking from ever taking place on our Island - which is particularly important for the residents of Arreton and Godshill.

As our Green Party co-leader Jonathan Bartley puts it so well,“Having a Green in the room changes everything. When we come together, empower local communities and work across party political lines, we make real change happen for both people and the planet”.

Paul Hampton

Ryde Appley and Elmfield (County and Town Council)


I am privileged and proud to have been selected as the Green Party candidate for the Ryde Appley and Elmfield Ward, particularly because the Green Party won this seat back in 2017, showing that there is strong support for the Green Party vision. We urge you to vote for and elect another Green councillor who will stand up for your area.

Born in Hampshire, I have had a home in Ryde for around four years and I have family who have lived and worked in Ryde for much longer.

I am always passionate about the community in which I live. I involve myself in community life and to that end have been active in Local Government, Round Table and Rotary and supportive of a number of local charities.

I have plenty of Local Government experience, previously serving 8 years as both a Parish and Borough Councillor in the Hampshire Test Valley. I was Chairman of both Recreation and Amenities and the Planning Committees. I intend to call on that experience to promote the Green Party vision for your area in particular and our Island in general.

Green Party policies are needed more than ever and I pledge to make them a priority for the well-being of our Island:

  • Climate change is a reality, so becoming carbon neutral in our homes, transportation and daily lives is urgent.
  • More of our Island wildlife is in danger of extinction than ever before and they need us to return their stolen habitats.
  • Tax payers’ money must be spent wisely and for the benefit of our communities.
  • Our local economy will fail if the poverty gap increase, but will thrive if everyone has a living income.
  • Only the Green Party has the determination to bring about these urgent changes.
  • Our Conservative Council is controlled by Westminster which often puts them in conflict with local needs, so they don't have our best interest at heart.

At this critical time I ask for your support. Your vote for me, and the Green Party, will help bring about the urgent social and environmental changes that are undeniably needed for the well-being of you, your family and our uniquely beautiful Island.



Doug Alldred

Brighstone, Calbourne and Shalfleet (County and Brighstone Parish Council)


Doug Alldred is a third-generation Islander whose family have lived on the Island since the early 1950s. He grew up in Brighstone, and still lives in the ward he hopes to represent. A self-employed musician, Doug understands the challenges and difficulties Covid-19 has presented to people, and cares deeply about creating a sustainable and balanced recovery.

Doug says, "It's time for real, positive, forward-thinking change on the Island. We need Councillors who have an understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities the Isle of Wight has, and as someone who grew up in my ward I feel I can face these challenges and grasp these opportunities with genuine empathy for the area".

“I’m asking you to vote for me on May 6th to protect the best of what the Brighstone, Calbourne & Shalfleet Ward has to offer. With your vote we can improve the environment here for everyone - both now and for the future. I am standing for a better future for the whole Isle of Wight, looking forward with positivity, intelligence, and imagination”.

David Moorse

Shanklin Central (County Council)

Being a former Headteacher and, prior to teaching, a police officer, my whole working life has been devoted to public service.

Having been on the receiving end of utterly inept local government as a school leader.... Now is the time for change. The Island and its residents... YOU deserve better!

We can all vote for change in the forthcoming May Council election!

It's not every day that you can make a real difference - all too often, well-reasoned argument falls on deaf ears, party political self-interest kicks in and .... they crack on shamelessly ignoring the voices of the many...

I've therefore decided to put my "money where my mouth is", and stand for election in Shanklin Central - as a Green Party candidate!

I have been active in the "Don't Drill the Wight" campaign, both raising awareness of the issues in the local community and holding elected representatives to account for their public statements and decisions.

On the environmental front, I have established a number of school nature reserves to promote the diversity of native Island species; established a student group that presented to government ministers at the National Launch of the Sustainable Schools Alliance in London; organised coastal and inland litter-picks; informed the National Trust on strategies for decreasing dog waste left in some of our local public places; and undertaken various environmental surveys to monitor the health of our local environment.

Both local, and national government should strive to make it easier for us all to make the incremental positive decisions that improve our community and our planet - by equipping us with the necessary information, and by making the best environmental options conveniently and financially accessible.

Complex issues are seldom "black and white" - often it is a case of the balance of benefits and drawbacks, but I would consider all perspectives presented, and would NOT be prepared to sacrifice principles for expediency, but would work cooperatively and collaboratively with all concerned to achieve the best lasting outcomes for all. 

Jaimie Bundell

Newport West (County) and Mountjoy and Shide (Community Council)


My name is Jay and I have lived on the Island all my life, and been a Community Councillor for Newport and Carisbrooke since 2017. I’m passionate about this beautiful place we call home and environmental issues are important to me. I have a background in nursing but now work in Media, I have also worked as an IT technician. Over the years I have been involved with disability charities, writing articles and campaigning as disability issues are also very important to me. 

Stephen Rushbrook

Newport Central (County Council)


My name is Stephen Rushbrook and I am a 50yo computer game developer. Originally from deepest darkest Essex, I first came to live and work on the Island over 20 years ago. My job has taken me as far afield as Melbourne (Australia) but the Island keeps calling me back. This is my home. I love the Island.

On top of being an excellent artist I have a reputation of being a problem solver. A quality I am eager to bring to the role of Councilor for Newport Central.

I am eager to find solutions to drive a regeneration of the town center. I don’t believe, like some, that retail is a lost cause and should be swept away in zoning changes and a frenzy of house building.  Does it need to change? Yes, but we need to work to build a new, more, community focused Town Center.

I would also fight to stop throwing good money after bad in the ongoing saga that is Floating Bridge#6.  From day one, it was clear it was not fit for purpose.  Since then we have been throwing millions at it in an attempt to simply make it work. I’ve talked with engineers and seen photos of the damage it is repeatedly doing to itself. We need to sell it, or write it off, and commission one that WILL work. 100% of the time. And WILL pay for itself (and FB#6) in a timely manner. Simply put FB#6 needs to go.

I also play the Ukulele, and wish for world peace.

Nathan Stubbings

Cowes South and Northwood (County Council)


Nathan has been a notable presence on the Island for several years, having performed many times with various Island theatre groups and at several musical events. Nathan has lived here his whole life, having attended Godshill Primary school and Christ the King College before being awarded a scholarship to Ryde School for sixth form. In September Nathan began studying classical voice at Trinity Laban Conservatoire in London, after successfully auditioning during his final year of A Levels. 

Nathan is passionate about the Island, in particular its outdoor spaces, having been a very active driving force behind the Island youth’s part in the Don’t Drill the Wight campaign. This makes him an ideal candidate to focus on issues of waste management, footpath conservation and access to better green spaces for all. Nathan is not afraid to speak up about issues that are close to the hearts of Island residents and is keen to bring renewed energy to the Isle of Wight council, along with several other young Green candidates. Having made his name in Island arts activities, Nathan is keen to make a similar impression in the Island’s political spheres.

The voice of climate activists has never been louder and it’s important that Island residents can vote for a candidate who hears their call and wants to make change.

Natalie Thomas

Ryde South East (County Council)


Natalie is a single parent to a little girl who is 6 and has lived on the Isle of Wight almost 8 years. She is a self employed Leaflet Distributor and also has an online gift business. Prior to becoming self-employed Natalie worked in the community as a carer and also worked in numerous Care home facilities.

Natalie is the volunteer project manager for the WAVE Trust 70/30 Campaign on the Isle of Wight. WAVE Trust is a charity who develop research based solutions to transform the futures of children, breaking cycles of disadvantage. The goal is reduce the adverse childhood experiences of child abuse, neglect and children witnessing domestic violence by at least 70% by 2030. This is known as the 70/30 campaign. She is also a Council Member of the National WAVE Trust Advisory Council of Lived Experience.

"I am determined to use my experiences of overcoming multiple adversities to make an impact on communities locally and nationally. One of the reasons I am standing for election is because I ultimately believe that to see a true change within the community then all backgrounds must be represented. This is one of the reasons why I am a member of the 50/50 Parliament movement because Women are pretty much underrepresented in local democracy and this must change."

Martyn Ridgley

Newchurch, Havenstreet and Ashey (County Council)

Martyn has a Bsc in conservation biology and zoobiology with over 20years working /managing projects and animal parks. He course managed level2 Animal Care for Capel Manor College in London and before moving away tried to introduce more conservation classes into middle schools across the island. Since moving back to the Isle of Wight he has opened an education resource company which is now working with pest control to help promote sound garden and open space management. He has recently opened dialogue with local vets to test for suspected poisoning in our local wildlife, and teamed up with uk based specialist to monitor endangered species on the Island whilst promoting work in educational evenings. 

Currently he is looking at obtaining farm land to promote all wildlife projects in one space whilst creating a better community where the general public can come and learn (away from the promotion of bad management), be hands on and see statistics, current research, law and “what’s going on” regarding our little gem of an island. 


Susan Betts

Wootton (County Council and Sandown North Town Council)

Susan has lived on the Isle of Wight for 30 years, brought up her 3 children (so knows all about the joys and problems that families face) and is proud to call this beautiful biosphere her home. She is also the secretary of Blue Seas Protection - a marine conservation charity which is dedicated to acting and raising awareness of the issues faced by our oceans today and to fight marine ecocide. 

Blue Seas Protection was inspired by Captain Garry Oates and his father Captain Silas Oates after lifetimes at sea as professional divers, tugmasters and marine salvors. During this time they saw many "Crimes at Sea" that many of us will never see and in the 80s donated a boat to Greenpeace that became known as "Rainbow Warrior". Patrons include Joanna Lumley and Brian May.

Susan campaigns against overfishing which has decimated the world's oceans of 90% of fish. She is very concerned about the addressing the increasing amount of plastic in our oceans. In 2018 it was estimated that one in 4 fish contained plastic and that by 2050 there would be more plastic in the sea than fish. At that time, the UK was exporting household waste including plastic and recyclables to Malaysia and China which was then dumped straight into the sea which has ended up in gyres, inside marine animals, sunk to the ocean floor and spat back onto land, on the beach, by the ocean. Today (2021), as well as finding plastic 7 miles down in the Mariana trench and in the furthest reaches of both poles, plastic has been found both in human faeces and human placenta.

Plainly, something must be done now to mitigate mankind's destructive actions and influence. Fifty years ago we had "ignorance" as an excuse. Nobody realised what we were doing to our planet. We had tupperware parties. Now? Today? There are no excuses. ...



Michael Smith

Fairlee and Whippingham (County and Parish Councils)

Michael Smith has lived for the last seven and a half years in Fairlee and is a single father to his 7 year old son. Living in the local area for such a long time has meant he really understands the local issues we are facing, whether that's further housing development on greenfield sites, road safety concerns or the recent proposal for a new fuel depot in Whippingham.

Michael willl be a champion for better walking and cycling routes, oppose building new houses on greenfield sites and push for greater road safety measures. As a resident reliant on bus services, whether that is the number 4, 5 or 39, he will push for an improved services as for many people this our only mode of transport besides cycling and walking.

Fairlee and Whippingham area is a lovely place to bring up young children including his young son who goes to one of the local primary schools. As a single parent Michael understands the struggles many families are experiencing, not just because of COVID-19, which has worsened the situation, but because there isn't enough support for many families. This is why he will be supporting the idea to trialling Universal Basic Income here on the Island. This has worked across the world to help support many people by giving them more financial security.

Michael is an ambassador for the Wave 70/30 campaign which has given him a real insight into the varying experience young people have and has shown a new perspective about how we need to support young people at an earlier age. He has also undergone Citizens Advice first aid training, which will enable him to provide help within the community if it is needed. On Thursday 6th May please vote Michael Smith for Fairlee and Whippingham.

Hollie Fallick

Parkhurst and Hunnyhill (County Council)

Hollie and her family live in the rural heart of Noke Common, living off an acre of land with poultry, pigs, vegetables and children! She grows food to feed her growing family, and lives first hand the self-sufficient lifestyle that many talk about but don't put into action. In 2020 she sold some eggs and vegetables at the farm gate - Oak Tree Garden - so keep an eye out for what's growing there in 2021!

Aside from her smallholding and homestead and bringing up her young boys, Hollie campaigns against single-use plastic and has taken peaceful action at supermarkets on the Isle of Wight. She has supported the Green Party on the Isle of Wight for a number of years, and now is standing during this election for your vote.

Michael Salmon

Ryde North West  (County council)


Michael comes from Ryde, is part of a huge Island family. and owns and runs his own business here (Bar 74). He has always been very passionate about giving back to the community, and has worked to support islanders through previous jobs working in health and social care, charity work, volunteering and fundraising. Michael is currently a mature university student studying Psychology and Child Development, and previous roles have included the youth service Breakout Youth, a children's home and working with people with mental health and learning disabilities.

Coming from the LGBTQ community he has worked hard to make the bar a safe space for all, and supported many local groups to feel comfortable meeting there as well as providing a space for local dance groups.

"I believe that the only way to move any community forward is to work together, despite any differences, in sharing the one common goal - which is an Isle of Wight that thrives and celebrates all of its diversity of its residents, as well as protecting our beautiful beaches and green spaces.  I am a big supporter of adult education as well as the restoration of old buildings such as the Ryde Theatre. Being part of the Ryde Business Association I would like to work hard to support the growth of Independent businesses in Ryde  - and beyond."

Paul Wilson

Lake North  (County council)

Paul Wilson is a professional writer and artist, based out of Lake and specialises in telling stories about our home. He mixes folklore and history as well ecological messages to promote and raise awareness. Paul moved back to the Island 4 years ago with his family and since returning has started a magazine for local, unpublished writers as well as volunteering for a number of arts-based projects.

Paul is passionate about the Island, its ecology, sustainability, and local business. He believes we need to be investing locally and look at ways of supporting our community as well as working towards a renewable future. With the growth of remote working, Paul believes that the Island has the opportunity to rejuvenate the Island economy from an unsustainable “tourist” destination, to a technology hub.

"The people of the Island deserve more than the status quo, they deserve better salaries, better working conditions and exciting careers. The Island has a lot of issues and the only way to address them is by thinking differently." Progress needs to be made and Paul believes we can lead the way with a mix of ecological sustainability and new ways of working. We can build a better Island together by being bold, and looking after our home.

@thesacredisle (Twitter)

Patch Barry

Lake South (County and Parish councils)


Patrick Barry is a 46 year old married father of four. He has been a driving instructor for the last 10 years, and recently started a small laser-tag operation to run as a family business. Patrick and his girls enjoy amateur dramatics, usually as one small cog in the slick machine that is the Wight Strollers, putting on shows and raising funds for Island charities and good causes.

He is not yet politically experienced (though is standing for election at County, Town and Parish level) but he hopes that his principles, moral compass, love for my family and respect for my community are solid building blocks for being worthy of your confidence.

"The political and economic scene is evolving and a clear loser so far is small business, people driven institutions and the social fabric of our local communities. I acknowledge a problem exists, I might not know how to fix it yet but together with those who care I believe if it is championed a solution will be realised."