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Cllr Roger Bartrum Junior

Roger is a Town Councillor for Cowes Medina ward but was born in Egerton Road, Bembridge. Like many youngsters then and today, he left the island to seek employment and spent 27 years in the Royal Air Force.

Returning to the island in 2011 to be nearer his elderly parents, Roger has been working as an entertainer and now lives in Cowes.  Passionate about recycling, Roger is a member of the Amey & IW Council Community Waste Forum and has been looking for solutions to keep polystyrene out of landfill.  He also held recycling surgeries in his local library when the Amey contract was being rolled out across the island.

Disillusioned with the governments appetite for perpetual war, Roger is a keen member of Veterans For Peace (UK) and has appeared with them at the Cenotaph, Whitehall on Remembrance Sunday for the past three years.

He believes this beautiful island could and should be a showcase and a leader in renewable energy and sustainable island projects providing green jobs and an enhanced low-carbon economy.

Cllr Jean Bartrum

Jean is a Town Councillor for Cowes Medina ward, and is involved in many projects and communty activities. A firm believer in community involvement from the grass roots up, she has been proud to serve the people of the town. Over the years Jean has been an employer, project manager and artistic director for a multinational company. Jean worked in the NHS and in Social care with parents / vulnerable teenagers and adults.

Married to an Islander, Jean has been connected to the Island for many years and moved to Cowes six years ago and settled there. She has over 30 years of experience working in the public sector and always been at the heart of problem solving. Jean is very concerned that we have one of the highest rates of poverty in the country here on the Island and believes we need to pool ideas to tackle social injustice and deprivation. We have an ever-ageing population that needs to be looked after with the best care available.

Cllr Neil Oliver

Neil Oliver is a physiotherapist working in the NHS on the Island, and a Town Councillor for Cowes North ward. He treats people with musculoskeletal problems, necks, backs, shoulders, knees & sports injuries. Neil worked for the Youth Hostel Association (YHA) in the Peak district then managed a hostel in Norfolk and then nationally running training courses. He trained as a physiotherapist in Liverpool, worked in Merseyside then the Isle of Wight followed by three years in the US and back to the Island for work and more importantly to raise his three sons.

Neil cycles on his commute to work, as a family only ever has run one car, supports solar power by installing PV panels, lives a largely vegetarian lifestyle, travels abroad infrequently by 'plane and supports local enterprises as much as possible. Living on an island, Neil is acutely aware of the potential risks of climate change and precisely because of that and our unique position as the southern most island in the UK believes we should be leading the renewable energy revolution. Blessed with such weather, sun or wind all year round (witness the sailing fraternity) he believes we should be a net exporter of energy.


Cllr Daniel James

Daniel is a Parish Councillor in Freshwater Norton ward who has lived in the village since 1999 and has been an active volunteer in the community. Daniel ran the Re~Cycle bicycle collection for Africa from the old ambulance station in Queens Road, and the music club at All Saints School, later helping with the Rob da Bank Music Club. Daniel also contributed to the business group of the Freshwater Neighbourhood Plan and helped bring the Wight Trash Bike Club and Skate Club to the village.

Daniel is the director of a software company working on projects for clients including Amnesty International. He is married to an Islander and they have a teenage son studying at the Isle of Wight College. Daniel wants to use his business experience to create better job and housing opportunities for the people of Freshwater, by creating a business start-up centre and a housing co-operative.

Cllr Vix Lowthion

Vix Lowthion

Vix Lowthion is a Parish Councillor in Freshwater South ward, a lecturer in Geology, Geography and History, and a mum of three boys. The Isle of Wight has been her home since 2005 and she has family living in the East Wight. Vix is a farmer’s daughter who spent her childhood living and working on the family dairy farm. She read History at the University of York and taught in a very busy inner-city Leeds High School for six years.

Since having children Vix has studied part time with the Open University and finished her BSc in 2016 – with an emphasis on Geology and Energy and Sustainability. It was these studies which opened up her eyes: that even though individually we may recycle and eat local produce and limit our car use, the problems with the future of society require solutions on a scale much bigger than those we can make on our own.


Jaimie Bundell

Jaimie is a 29 year old mother and has lived on the island her whole life. After her training to become a registered nurse she worked as a Health Care Assistant before being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, forcing her to take a different career path. She now works as an IT technician in an independent computer store, her passion for sciences and technology means she keeps up with innovation and always has one eye on the future. Her experience with MS has led her to write published articles and produce videos for disability and MS charities. Accessibility and disability rights are highly important to her, and as a mother, she is especially concerned with long term environmental protection issues and education. She hopes that by working for this beautiful island as part of the Green Party she can make a positive contribution to the community as a whole.

Niton & Whitwell

Cllr Alison Day-Logan

Cllr Alison Day-Logan 

Alison lives in the South Wight with her family and has a particular interest in sustainable, local food production. She remains concerned about the effect that modern farming methods are having on the Island's soil fertility, and the implications of this for the resilience of the Island in a peak-oil economy.


Cllr Nancy Farrell

Nancy is 35 years old and a Town Councillor for Ryde North East ward. She has lived on the Isle Of Wight since she was 10, moving here from Woking in Surrey where she was born. Nancy attended Ryde High School, then the Isle Of Wight College where she studied English Literature and Psychology. She also studied Psychology with the Open University. Nancy studied singing with Linda Philby Borrett and sang in the choir “Voices Of The Isle Of Wight” for many years.

She has worked for many voluntary organisations, including volunteering at The Quarr Abbey Book Shop, and running an Art Club for children in Oakfield. Nancy now also volunteers at Aspire Ryde. Nancy sits on the mental health reconfiguration board, as one of two service users working to improve mental health services on the Island.


Cllr Eric Lawson

Eric has lived in Sandown since moving here with his family in 2003 and is a Town Councillor for Sandown South ward. A keen team sportsman in his younger years, Eric has embraced the opportunities Sandown Bay offers and now spends his leisure time cycling, surfing, sailing, paddle boarding and fishing. Due to his experience leading the effort to keep the Lake Slipway toilets open, he has become very aware of the challenges facing our community and is passionate about accelerating the improvement of the seaside and town infrastructure around Sandown.

Eric recognises that Bay regeneration plans have come and go, with very little positive impact for Sandown. He believes a renewed determination and approach to sourcing funds is needed. Eric's 30+ years IT and business intelligence experience in large and medium size enterprises make him a very strong candidate for defining projects and delivering results. Also, he believes the interaction between the council and the residents they represent is outdated and ineffective. As a result, their strategies and activities risk being unrepresentative. Eric is certain there is significant room for improved decision making and working relationships with residents and businesses at the town and county level.


Cllr Robert May

Robert is a Town Councillor for Shanklin South ward who has lived on the Island all his life, spending the first 8 years in Newport and the last 17 in Shanklin, where he settled and has now grown very fond of. He lives with both parents who support him and his brother in everything they do. Robert has worked since he was 13, starting in the hotel industry in Shanklin, moving on to The Co-operative Food supermarket in Shanklin where he worked for 6 and half years, then the last 2 and half years at The Southern Co-operative Convenience Store in Shanklin.

All these jobs gave him the great opportunity to meet all types of people from all walks of life which has given him the ability to understand what Shanklin residents need and want from Shanklin. Robert has always had a love of public transportation, especially the history around buses and trains. He attends the Beer, Bus & Walking festival every year, and is a regular attendee of the Isle of Wight Bus & Rail Users Group (IWBRUG).


Cllr Brian Lucas

Brian Lucas is pleased to be returning to the Ventnor Town Council, now to represent Bonchurch ward. He serves on the planning committee and the group caring for the many services abandoned by the Isle of Wight Council. Since retiring from a career as a construction surveyor, and living in Bonchurch Village for the last 19 years he is very conscious of the benefits of strengthening peoples' community involvement in the place where they live.

As an active hands-on Vice Chairman of the Bonchurch Community Association, he is keen to see Bonchurch overcome the several losses of village amenities it has suffered in recent years. Brian is a trustee and project worker of various local charities and a Treasurer to the Island Green Party group for the last 12 years.

Cllr Dave Logan

Dave is a Town Councillor for Ventnor East ward who has lived on the Isle of Wight for the past 8 years. He manages a trade union funded learning centre, helping adults attain qualifications in Maths, English and Computing as well as providing employability skills and awareness sessions on ADHD and Autism. Dave has taken this learning out into the community and through this has seen first-hand the difficulties that people are having in these tough times. He understands the need for local government to support people when they need it.

Prior to moving to the Isle of Wight, Dave worked in IT supporting automated systems. Dave was also a team official for the Wightlink Raiders, a trustee for the mental health charity Wightfutures, and has recently taken on the role of Trustee for the Pan Together project.

Cllr Stephen Cockett

Stephen is a Town Councillor for St Lawrence ward who grew up on the Island and enjoyed a very happy childhood, then completed an engineering apprenticeship locally. His career took him around the UK and later to Europe where the role developed into planning and project management. Stephen's motivation to stand for local government as a Green Party candidate stemmed from the belief that decisions should be made with the long-term benefit of people and the environment in mind, not simply short-term thinking and political expediency.

Stephen believes the Island does not need an administration acting as a rubber-stamping outpost of a central government. Ventnor should be recognised for its unique location, vibrant character and the needs of its population, many of whom are retired and depend on close knit community. Stephen considers it a privilege to live in Ventnor; and says it is both an honour and a challenge, for which he has the time and energy, to serve as a representative of this uniquely beautiful place.


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