Greens celebrate after growth in Vix's vote

9 June 2017

The Isle of Wight Green Party is celebrating after its candidate Vix Lowthion's 12,915 votes were named the second highest for the Green Party nationally, by either total votes or vote share, beaten only by sitting Brighton MP Caroline Lucas. The 17.3% vote share was up 37% from the 9,404 votes that Miss Lowthion received in her 2015 breakthrough on the Island.

The collapse of the UKIP vote shows that the electoral success of populist movements can be short-lived. While the Labour Party has just experienced its best Island vote in decades, this year's Green vote was higher in both percentage and absolute terms than every other Labour result since 1970.

Isle of Wight National and European Elections graph, 2010-2017

Vix Lowthion commented: "We spoke with so many disillusioned Conservative voters, who are concerned about protection and conservation of our Island and our planet. Adding over 3,500 votes in a national climate where the big two parties have surged is a tribute to how important the environment is for voters here. I am so very proud of the entire Green Party team for winning every single vote, with very little national media support. This is a firm foundation, and we will continue to build on this result in future elections."