Supporting our Isle of Wight villages and rural communities

20 April 2021


Whilst some other parties and groups focus on the more urban wards in a County election, the Isle of Wight Green Party have been campaigning for years in our rural villages and communities. Whether that is out West in the areas around Yarmouth, or South in Niton and Shorwell, or Central in Chillerton and Arreton, or towards the bay in Godshill, Newchurch and Apse Heath. We are supporting our rural residents! And we need your help.


OPERATION RURAL VOTE is our focus on our rural seats in the last 16 days of the campaign, up to polling day on May 6th. Our candidates - Daniel James, Doug Alldred, Claire Critchison, Julia Laursen, Martyn Ridgely- are determined to stand up for the residents in our villages across the Isle of Wight. Please sign up to deliver one last leaflet before election day. If we get only a dozen volunteers, we can cover the largest communities to ensure that residents know that their Green vote will really count.

Please sign up- and we can drop off some leaflets to deliver in that village in the next two weeks. THANK YOU.

On May 6th Vote Green. For Our Future.