Isle of Wight Green Party AGM, 11th November 2017

25 October 2017

Our Annual General Meeting is taking place at 10am to 12pm on Saturday 11th November, at the Riverside Centre, Newport PO30 2QR. This meeting is for Green Party members only.

Please send a personal statement via email to of up to 100 words, by Thursday 9th November, if you are interested in putting yourself forward for a local party officer role. The list of roles is set in the local party constitution, with a motion to the AGM to add a formal Leader role. The other, existing roles are:




Election Agent

Communications Officer

Membership Officer

Campaigns Officer

Events & Fund-raising Officer

Green Councillors Representative

Youth Officer

Equalities Officer


Potential officers need to be proposed and seconded at the meeting, and be prepared to answer questions from members. We'd be delighted if you could help us in the year ahead, whether that's supporting our 15 local councillors, fighting a by-election, or preparing for the next General Election, whenever that is!