Vix Lowthion to turn the Wight Green on June the 8th

15 May 2017

The Isle of Wight Green Party has launched itself in to the General Election 2017 with rousing speeches from Green candidate Vix Lowthion and national co-leader Caroline Lucas.

A packed meeting of members and supporters at the Riverside Community Centre in Newport heard Vix say that the party membership was energised by the excellent local election campaign that saw amazing progress by the Island Green Party. From just a single council candidate in 2013 to beating Labour and Lib Dems in the 2015 general election, Michael Lilley and his team won a County Council seat this May with 53% of the vote in Ryde East, and more than a dozen Green Party town and parish councillors were elected.

In the local campaign members and supporters delivered 40,000 leaflets to all parts of the Island, telling people that the Greens are here with a vision and a determination to make life better for everyone. Now the challenge is to reach out to the 67,000 households on Isle of Wight with the clear message, 'Vote Vix, the Greens can Win!'

In sharing her vision for the future, Vix said that the Isle of Wight is already a green island. Not only with its lush countryside but also in the way many people live and work. People are resourceful and live with the idea of greater self-reliance that the Greens want to bring to local communities. There are environmentally conscious businesses here and people have an instinct to look after their Island home and enhance its natural beauty. What the Island now needs is a change in politics to Green, to have elected representatives in the Town and Parish Councils, in the County Council and in Parliament who truly care about the whole Island and its people and who will put these priorities first in any decisions they make.

'We have made the breakthrough at Town and County level this year, ' Vix said, ' let's go one step further and win the Parliamentary seat and turn the whole Island Green'.

Caroline Lucas brought warm thanks from the Green Party of England and Wales for all the hard work done by members and supporters to make the amazing local election results possible. These results she said really made everyone sit up and take note of the Isle of Wight. “There is a growing feeling that something remarkable could be happening here. In Vix we have a brilliant candidate who is well known across the Island, in the Isle of Wight Green Green Party we have a dedicated team who have proved their ability to get results.”

Caroline said that the Island could and should be a microcosm of green living based on resourcefulness, sustainability and a sense of self reliance, working cooperatively for the good of all. Politics here has become complacent with the needs of people being ignored, with the fragile environment being taken for granted. Change is needed and we, the Greens have the opportunity to put the Isle of Wight on the map by helping to elect a totally committed Green candidate who will be a strong voice in Parliament to fight for a fair share of resources needed to give all a better life.

'Islanders believe in their Island' Caroline said, 'you have a sense of pride in your environment and a strong sense of belonging here. There is huge potential but it is the people of the Island who can unlock that potential, not remote bureaucrats in London or Portsmouth. We need a strong and independent voice that will speak for the Island and argue for the resources needed to unlock the potential, we need a Green voice in Westminster along side the Green voice in County Council and in the Town and Parish Councils. Go out and spread the message, 'Vote Vix, the Greens can win!'