IW Green Party launch Council Elections campaign

23 March 2017


The Isle of Wight Green Party have launched their Green Vision for the IW Council elections in May, with a set of positive policies from strong candidates with proven track records running charities, project management, business intelligence, telecoms and energy engineering, and the military.


The Party has set out 5 key focus areas (economy, transport, services, environment and ethics) with a focus on fighting national government austerity cuts, at the same time as providing solutions to build up resilience for the island.


Particular priorities will be to oppose fracking and oil drilling in our countryside, put empty properties back into use, and to continue the work the Green Party has already done to support the future of services such as the Ice Rink, Adult services and Childrens’ Centres at the heart of their communities.


Good, affordable, locally grown food should be accessible for people with the most limited of incomes, through food co-operatives and local assemblies, and equipping residents with the skills to cook and grow their own food.


Affordable alternative forms of transport to the car - such as cycle paths and railways - would be promoted by Green Councillors, and they would continue to challenge the unaccountable monopolies which dominate both our ferries and bus services across the island.


The IW Green Party believe the future economy of the island must be based on low carbon engineering and manufacturing industries, such as renewable technology and energy efficiency, in addition to promoting the island as an international centre of sustainable and accessible tourism.


The local party has seen a huge growth in support since coming third in the 2015 General Election with over 9,400 islanders choosing to vote Green. There will be Green candidates to vote for in over 24 council wards, which is the most in the history of the island Green Party. In the last local elections in 2013, there was only one Green candidate put forward.


Green candidates have a wide variety of qualifications and skills which include, but are not limited to, a number of project managers, former RAF intelligence analyst, Chief Executive of a national mental health charity, entrepreneurs and business owners, beekeepers, spoken word artist, a team official for the Wightlink Raiders, telecoms engineer, artistic director of the IW Shakespeare Company, peace workers and a renewable energy consultant.


Prospective Parliamentary candidate for the IW Green Party, Vix Lowthion, who is co-ordinating the Green campaign, said “the outstanding quality of our team of candidates is reflected in the strength of the solutions which we are offering to a society which is increasingly divided and unequal. Green councillors will speak up for our island with competency and compassion, protecting the most vulnerable people and our countryside, and investing in Green jobs. We need Green Voices for our Green Island, and after May 4th I am confident that we will see a Green breakthrough onto our local Council.”


For more information email info@isleofwight.greenparty.org.uk